Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Lunch in the Andalusian Region

Hola! Good to see you again; pull up a chair, I'm glad you could join us. You remember my trusty servant, Newt Verne, don't you? Newt and I were just about to dig in to a spanish tortilla.

It's not flat like a mexican tortilla - this is more like a supersized omelet. This tortilla is made with eggs, potatoes, shrimp, and all sorts of good things. Everything is whipped up together and poured into a special round tortilla pan. When the bottom is done, the tortilla is carefully flipped over (not rolled like an omelet), and cooked to perfection. This tortilla is four inches tall and nicely brown on all sides, including the edges.

Newt, don't be rude! Pass the salad to our guest. As you can see, the salads here are very simple. Only romaine lettuce is used, a sliver or two of tomato and onion, and of course olives. These olive giants have been stuffed with garlic, and marinated. The salad is topped with a simple dressing of red wine vinegar and olive oil, then sprinkled with fat salt. What? You've never heard of fat salt? Well, that's okay because we hadn't either until last night. There isn't anything really special about the salt, other than the salt crystals being 4 times the size you are usually accustomed to seeing. Here, try a bite of the salad...

Don't forget your roll. These horn-shaped rolls are very hard on the outside, but are soft and chewy on the inside. I'm not sure why they are so very hard, but if you dunk your bread into the dressing, it won't be so hard to chew.